16th & Alaska Pumping Station Rehabilitation Project

DC Water will perform improvements for its pumping station located at 16th Street NW and Alaska Avenue NW. The 16th & Alaska Pumping Station was first placed into service in the 1990's to improve water service and also provide increased fire protection to District residents in the 4th High Service Area, east of Rock Creek Park. No major design or construction improvements have been conducted to this station in the almost 20 years following. The work being proposed under this project will improve the overall reliability of the facility and also provide operational flexibility.

Download a more detailed project information sheet on the 16th & Alaska Pumping Station Rehabilitation Project (PDF 326 kb) .

Scope of Work

Major work items will include the following:

  • Installation of a generator that will operate as a backup electrical source to the pumping station
  • Upgrade of security system including video monitoring equipment and access control improvements
  • Upgrade of all pump controls and control system, as needed


Construction on this project is scheduled to begin in June 2014 with a completion date in October 2015.

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