DC Water launches second Cool Arts and Cleaner Rivers contest to turn District storm drains into art canvases

Artist and storm drain painting
March 19, 2021

DC Water again seeks to turn District storm drains into art canvases for local artists. This week, the Authority launched its second Cool Arts and Cleaner Rivers art contest and again encourages District residents to submit designs inspired by their vision of a cleaner Anacostia River. The contest aspires to communicate the importance of the DC Clean Rivers Project in a meaningful and artistic way.

Mark Garret, one of the 2019 winners commented, “The contest serves as a beacon for what is taking place in the city. This art project allows people to be educated on the changes that are helping restore the Anacostia River and its ecosystem.”

The first contest attracted talented artists from all over the District, including high school students and others with varied jobs and interests who all took time to reflect on the Clean Rivers Project and what a cleaner Anacostia means to them.

DC Water CEO David L. Gadis said, “Previous artists created wonderfully inspired entries illustrating the beauty of the river now and the artists’ vision of its future. These murals highlight the immense work DC Water is doing to improve the health and prosperity of the Anacostia River. The river’s popularity as a place to live, work, eat and play attests to this resurgence.”

Artists should follow the following guidelines to submit an entry:

  • Brief statement or bio
  • All entries must reflect the theme of the contest, “Cool arts and cleaner rivers.”
  • Artists may submit only one entry, but up to three concept ideas.
  • Submissions must be received electronically or postmarked by Friday, April 12, 2021.

Submissions can be sent electronically (PDF, PNG, JPEG) to fthompson@dcwater.com  or by mail to Office of Marketing and Communications, 1385 Canal Street, SE Washington, DC 20003.

Designs will be judged by DC Water staff on creativity, uniqueness, visual impact and skill, and technique. For more information, please visit: dcwater.com/2021-cool-art-contest.