DC Water improves water pressure in Ward 8

August 07, 2018

Many DC Water customers in Ward 8 will begin to enjoy better water pressure later this month, thanks to a new water tower, the first added in the District in 70 years. Beginning on or about August 27, the pressure is scheduled to be increased gradually during several weeks until a pressure increase of 22 pounds per square inch (psi) is reached.
DC Water has been planning for this pressure increase for the past two years. In addition to the construction of the new water tower and new water mains, DC Water has offered pressure reducing valves to about 1700 customers who will see their pressure increase above 80 psi. To date, more than 900 valves have been installed, free of charge. 
The upcoming pressure increase for portions of Ward 8 changes the flow of water in pipes and may temporarily affect water quality, potentially causing particle release from existing lead sources, including lead service pipes, solder, brass faucets, valves or fittings, and galvanized iron pipes. 
As a precautionary measure, DC Water is providing residential customers which may have or had a lead service line (based on DC Water’s records) with a water filter pitcher kit, which will include an NSF 53-certified water filter pitcher and a six-month supply of replacement cartridges. Each of these customers have been notified via letter that DC Water will be delivering the filter kits to their home. If the resident does not receive a notice or a kit, this pressure increase does not apply to them.
Residents should begin using their water filter kits now.
For further questions please contact the project hotline 202-787-4065 or visit dcwater.com/pzip2ndhigh.