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Catch basin
Catch basins provide vital flood control.

Catch Basins (also known as storm drains) are an often overlooked part of the City's infrastructure. They are usually located within a curb and are a vital part of flood control, allowing water to quickly drain from the streets. If these basins get clogged by trash or other debris—even snow and ice—flooding may result or other dangerous conditions may occur.

Many catch basins in the District are connected to the storm sewers, which may drain directly into area waterways. Others connect to combined sewers and, if clogged, may cause overflow events.

Help keep catch basins clear. By not tossing garbage or used motor oil into the catch basin, you can help prevent flooding and also protect our sensitive waterways.

DC Water's cleaning schedule

Every year DC Water conducts a systematic review and cleaning of all catch basins in the district. The map below shows is the proposed schedule of basin cleaning to help you find out when we will be servicing the catch basin on your street. Click on a area to get the schedule information or Download here (PDF 1.0 mb) .

Catch Basin Map

DC Water makes available the location of individual catch basins. Anyone with broadband Internet may access information through a Google Earth application, locating a specific catch basin by address. Individuals without DSL or broadband can use computers at a public library. The District of Columbia Public Library offers public access to the Internet at various library branches and can be contacted at (202) 727-0321 for more information.

If you see a damaged catch basin, please call DC Water's 24-hour Emergency Line at (202) 612-3400.

Click here to download a google earth data file showing the location of all known catch basins in DC. (KMZ 665 kb) .

Use of WHIS requires proper installation of the Google Earth software package on your computer. It is available as a free download from Google.

Open the guide how to download and install Google Earth.

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