Sheeting and Shoring

What does it mean? When a developer intends to excavate and install sheeting and shoring in preparation for a new structure, a Sheeting and Shoring Permit must be obtained from DCRA. As part of the approval process for this permit, DC Water reviews the plans to determine whether there is water or sewer infrastructure in the vicinity that may be impacted by the construction. If so, DC Water will require the applicant to place a deposit against damages and to CCTV inspect sewers within the zone of influence** before and after sheeting and shoring work.
Does this apply to me? If you are installing sheeting and shoring as part of your excavation work and you are within the zone of influence** of existing water and sewer infrastructure you will be required to apply for approval from DC Water prior to commencing construction.
**The zone of influence is defined as the wedge of soil inscribed by a line drawn tangent to and projecting upward from the outermost projection of the bottom of excavation at an angle of 45 degrees with the horizontal.
When do I apply? Apply at least four weeks before the sheeting and shoring permit is required. Time is needed for review of the plans, preparation of the fee estimate, obtaining the money for the deposit and scheduling the inspection of the existing sewers.
What do I need to submit for WATER's review?
  • Copy of the Sheeting and Shoring Permit Application from DCRA
  • Sheeting and Shoring Plans showing the following:
    • Extent and depth of the excavation
    • Depth of piles and the extent of tiebacks
    • Water and sewer mains in the vicinity of the excavation
    • Location of existing and proposed service laterals from the building to the public main
Where do I go and apply?

DC Water   
Permit Operations Department
Attn: Sheeting and Shoring Permit
1385 Canal Street SE 
Washington, DC 20003

How long will it take? DC Water's review timeframe for this is approximately two weeks. However, it is recommended to apply four weeks before the permit is needed to allow for processing of payments.
What do I Receive? You will receive a Water and Sewer Availability Certificate indicating the approval of a Sheeting and Shoring plan.
What are DC Water's fees for this? See the DC Water fee schedule for the cost of the review fee.
See the Sheeting and Shoring Fee Estimate Worksheet for determining deposit fees.

DC Water will accept payment of checks or money order made payable to DC Water.

Related Activities: The applicant is responsible for contacting DC Water's Construction Inspection Section to arrange a pre-construction walk-thru to inspect water and sewer infrastructure within the zone of influence. The applicant must document this walk-thru with a report, video and/or pictures. For small diameter sewer mains the applicant must provide a before and after CCTV of the public infrastructure within the zone of influence.

When all the work is completed and the DC Water inspector confirms that no utilities have been damaged as a result of the sheeting and shoring activity any remaining unexpended funds will be returned to the applicant. When a sewer or water main is damaged during the sheeting and shoring operation, the contractor is given the choice of performing the repair work themselves, or the work will be performed by DC Water and charged to the contractor.

For more Info, call: Permit Operations Department at 202-646-8600.