Low pressure to no water in the area of T St NE between Brentwood Rd NE & 9th St NERead more >
Low pressure to no water in the area of T St NE between Brentwood Rd NE & 9th St NERead more >
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Pressure Zone Improvement Program (PZIP) 4th High

Project Update

DC Water is implementing its Pressure Zone Improvement Program throughout your water service area, also referred to as the 4th High Water Service Area. In recent years, there has been great community concern regarding low water pressure in this area. As part of the program, DC Water is completing improvements to its Fort Reno Pump Station, located in Northwest DC. Soon after the completion of these upgrades in March 2017, there will be an 11 pounds per square inch (psi) increase in water pressure to area homes. The pressure increase will be implemented gradually over a period of time beginning in late Summer 2017. In addition to increased water pressure, other benefits will include increased flows to area fire hydrants.

Following implementation of the pressure increase, some homes will experience pressure exceeding 80 psi (regarded as high water pressure). Per the District of Columbia Plumbing Code, all homes with high water pressure are required to have a pressure-reducing valve (PRV) installed. DC Water identified homes that will experience water pressure exceeding 80 psi as a result of the service area-wide pressure increase, and provided important materials and information to those homeowners. This included a letter and attached PRV Installation Agreement to have a PRV installed for free as part of our program.

As of August 31, 2015, DC Water is no longer accepting signed PRV Installation Agreements from homeowners. Completed Agreements that have been received prior to this deadline will be honored, if the installation condition is acceptable, per the terms stated in the Agreement. If you did not receive an Agreement in the mail, please note that the upcoming water pressure increase should not present a condition warranting the installation of a PRV in your home.

For all customers whose homes will experience an increase in water pressure, DC Water recommends that you take steps to prepare your home for the upcoming pressure increase. Please ensure that your household plumbing is in proper working order. One way to do this is by checking all plumbing fixtures to ensure they are tightened. This general information is being provided as a cautionary measure, as the possible introduction of increased water pressure to any home plumbing system could result in some leakage from pipes and faucets that are not in good condition or tightened securely. Should you have questions or require assistance in checking your plumbing system, DC Water suggests that you consult a licensed plumber.

Should you experience discolored water or any other water quality issue, please call our Drinking Water Division at 202-612-3440. For additional questions, please contact DC Water Customer Service at 202-354-3600 or

Project Facts

  • The Fort Reno Pumping Station Rehabilitation Project will result in an 11 psi water pressure increase for identified properties across the 4th High Water Service Area.
  • All customers within the heavy dotted area in the above ANC Boundary Map will experience the pressure increase.
  • Some of the properties will experience water pressure greater than 80 psi.
  • When water pressures are equal to or greater than 80 psi, more commonly referred to as high water pressure, the DC Plumbing Code requires the installation of a Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV).
  • DC Water notified all impacted customers who will need to have a PRV.
  • DC Water also provided general information to all customers who will be impacted by the water pressure increase.

Will I Need a PRV?

Click the map to see if you fall
in the area that will require a PRV.

What Materials and Information Will I Receive from DC Water?

The final informational packet mailed to all customers that "do" need a PRV will include the following documents:

  • Final Customer Notification Letter - (need a PRV)
  • Water Quality Flyer
  • Pressure Increase Notification Postcard

The final informational packet mailed to all customers that "do not" need a PRV will include the following documents:

  • Final Customer Notification Letter - general (do not need a PRV)
  • Water Quality Flyer
  • Pressure Increase Notification Postcard

Informational Meetings

  • On Tuesday, March 3, 2015, DC Water hosted a follow-up meeting to make those property owners that will experience high water pressure fervently aware of the need to have a PRV installed. The meeting also provided all affected customers an opportunity to learn how their property will be impacted, and get helpful plumbing tips and important information on how to get prepared for the upcoming pressure increase.
  • On Wednesday, February 26, 2014, DC Water hosted a public meeting to introduce the Pressure Zone Improvement Program to local property owners and other community stakeholders.