Low Area Trunk Sewer Rehabilitation Project

Photo of Tiber Creek Sewer


As part of its Capital Improvement Program, DC Water will be performing sewer rehabilitation projects throughout the city. This project involves rehabilitation of the Low Area Trunk Sewer, a 42-inch diameter brick and concrete pipe which extends from 13th Street, NW and Pennsylvania Avenue, NW to 2 nd Street, SE and Tingey Street, SE.

Scope of Work

  • Detailed design of the sewer and manhole linings, by-pass pumping system, traffic control plans, and associated mitigative measures 
  • Coordination of design, by-pass pumping system, traffic control plans, and mitigative measures with all affected stakeholders and agencies 
  • Installation of sewer and manhole lining that will prolong the life of the sewer


  • Design completion: Summer 2017
  • Construction start: January 2018
  • Construction completion: January 2020

Important Information

  • DC Water will work to ensure disruptions are minimized during construction operations and will restore all work sites to their original condition.
  • The original design required the construction of a temporary “by-pass pumping system” that would consist of temporary pumps and piping either above the ground or buried. The temporary system would continuously pump the wastewater from the sewer and all individual service connections around the work area and back into the sewer.
  • The design has being modified to reduce the use of by-pass sewer lines above grade by including additional technology that does not require by-pass pumping or reduces it as alternatives and the use of an existing pumping station to by-pass the sewage into other sewer lines.
  • Some sewage odor may be temporarily noticed during the construction operation.

Traffic Plans

Traffic control, including signage and protective barriers, will be set up to maintain public safety during construction.


DC Water will coordinate with the various Advisory Neighborhood Commissions, stakeholders, residents, and with District and federal agencies to minimize disruption during this project.

Project Location