Georgetown Sewer Rehabilitation Project


DC Water is performing sewer rehabilitation projects throughout the city as part of its Capital Improvement Program. This project involves the rehabilitation of sewers in the Georgetown community-within the boundary of 37th Street, NW to the west, Wisconsin Avenue, NW to the east, O Street, NW to the north, and Water Street, NW to the south; a portion of work will also be performed at Georgetown University. This is an important project to revitalize some of the District’s oldest sewers. Benefits of the project will include improved structural integrity of the local sewers, reduced stream and groundwater infiltration of the pipes, and drastically reduced sewer overflows.

Scope of work

  • Relining of approximately 5,600 linear feet of affected sewer pipe within the project area
  • Replacement of one catch basin and repair/replacement of sewer pipe by way of open cut excavation
  • While this project will primarily involve accessing existing sewers via area manholes and relining them to prolong their lifespan, there will be excavation of a portion of brick roadway and sidewalk between 3318 and 3320 O Street, NW. DC Water will be performing repair to a 10-foot long segment of structurally damaged pipe in front of 3318 O Street, NW. The approximate length, width and depth of the excavation needed in order to access the sewer pipe and complete the repair is 10ft. x 12ft. x 20ft., respectively. The excavation area will include removal and replacement of one stormwater catch basin, curb, roadway pavement and sidewalk.


April 2017 to January 2018 - Work Completed October 2017

In the event the sewer cannot be accessed from the noted manholes (as shown in the table above) to perform the work, other manholes will be used as access points. This may result in night and/or weekend work depending on the following: traffic volume during daytime impact to local businesses, schools, hospitals or similar institutions; unforeseen issues or delays during construction; and/or inclement weather.  There are some locations where nighttime work hours are already planned for 1:00 am-8:00 am or 11:00 pm-6:00 am.

Important Information

  • The project includes deep, open cut excavation at 3318 O Street, NW as noted above.  To bypass the sewer flow during the performance of work, temporary discharge piping will be installed at the ground level.  It may be necessary to close O Street during work hours (9:30 am-3:30 pm) to allow space and safe movement of heavy machinery to perform the deep excavation.  Also, it may be necessary to close one lane during the noted work hours to repair / replace the damaged sewer after the excavation work is completed. DC Water is keenly aware of the impact the potential road and lane closures would have on traffic and residents.  DC Water is evaluating construction means and methods to avoid the open cut excavation and, thereby, avoid the road and lane closures.  A decision on the final plan will be reached by May 10, 2017.
  • In the event it is determined that the work can be performed without open cut excavation, DC Water will request closure of 4-6 parking spaces near 3318 O Street, NW for the duration of the work to stage construction machinery.  Closure of the parking spaces will be in effect 24 hours for the duration of this construction.
  • DC Water envisions performing sewer lining near Café Milano without having to use the manholes on Prospect Street (M-7950, M-7947, M-7946, M-7945) to avoid this heavy traffic area and impacts to businesses.  In the event it becomes necessary to perform the work using these manholes, the work schedule shall be 1:00 am-8:00 am, from June 2017 – August 2017.
  • Pavement bricks that are temporarily removed from the sidewalk and parking lane between 3318 and 3320 O Street during the sewer repair will be carefully marked (numbered) to ensure proper replacement, and they will be safely stored at an off-site location. Once the repair is completed, the bricks will be returned and carefully restored in accordance with design specifications under the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) O and P Streets Rehabilitation Project.
  • Pedestrian access will be restricted in the construction zone, as the portion of sidewalk immediately surrounding the excavation site will need to remain closed during the sewer repair.
  • The protection of trees and shrubbery in the construction zone will be done in accordance with District guidelines.
  • Noise and vibration levels will be closely monitored throughout the project and will be minimized to the extent possible.
  • In an effort to further minimize the impacts of construction, DC Water will be coordinating its construction/restoration activities closely with other projects and stakeholders in the area, including the DC Department of General Services’ Hyde-Addison Elementary School Modernization Project and Georgetown University.
  • In order to ensure that sewer service is not interrupted during the project, DC Water will install a temporary piping system inside the existing sewer that will stretch throughout the work area and allow for continuous flow (also known as the Flume technique).

Traffic Plans

  • ​There will be some restrictions on parking throughout the area to allow for sewer repair, manhole access, and location of construction equipment. These impacts to local parking will be minimized to the extent possible.
  • Some lane closures will be required daily, and these will be done in accordance with traffic plans approved by DDOT.


DC Water is coordinating with various District and federal agencies on this project, including DDOT, Commission of Fine Arts and State Historic Preservation Officer. DC Water is also working closely with the Georgetown Business Improvement District and Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E to ensure timely notification and regular updates on the project to help ease the burdens of construction.

Project Location