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Foundry Branch & Capital Crescent Trail Sewer Rehabilitation


This project is an outcome of the intense rain events of 2015 that resulted in Sewer System Overflows along the Capital Crescent Trail. During this event the Upstream Structure discharged sewage and flooded the Foundry Branch Pedestrian Tunnel with flows overland to the Potomac River. Since that time the Upper Potomac Interceptor (UPI) sanitary sewer system, which was abandoned in the late 1960s after a hurricane, has been rehabilitated using a cured-in-place lining. Prior to putting the UPI back in operation the Upstream and two Downstream Structures must be rehabilitated along with the 18-inch sewer that crosses under the C&O Canal to prevent future sewer system overflows.

Scope of Work

  • This project involves the rehabilitation of the Upstream and two Downstream (near the Washington Canoe Club) Structures
  • The cleaning and rehabilitation using cured-in-place lining of an 18-inch sewer crossing under the C&O Canal
  • Detours of the Capital Crescent Trail near the Foundry Branch Tunnel and Washington Canoe Club
  • Placing the Upper Potomac Interceptor back in operation


  • Estimated start: May 2017 (Downstream Structures); July 2017 (Upstream Structure)
  • Estimated completion: July 2017 (Downstream Structures); December 2017 (Upstream Structure)
  • Normal work hours:

    Structure rehabilitation at Washington Canoe Club

        9 am – 5 pm, Monday through Friday

    Cured-in-place lining of 18-inch sewer under C&O Canal

        Daytime work is anticipated for initial mobilization and demobilization.  

        6 pm – 6 am Monday through Sunday for cleaning operations

        Contractor will work nights for the initial work, but will work day and night, and weekends during the sewer relining operation

    Foundry Branch Upstream Structure

        9:00am - 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.

​The contractor may work on weekends at all locations, if additional construction activities are needed, or due to inclement weather.

Important Information

  • The Upstream & Downstream Structure rehabilitation will not close the Capital Crescent Trail, but will detour the users around the construction activities in the vicinity of the Foundry Branch Tunnel and Washington Canoe Club. The Tunnel will remain open along with the connection (stairs) between the C&O Canal Towpath and the Trail.
  • The rehabilitation of the Upstream Structure will necessitate tree removal along the trail detour route and in the vicinity of the structure’s rehabilitation work zone.
  • The Upstream Structure (near Foundry Branch Tunnel) construction activities will require the bypass of sewage using noise-attenuated bypass pumps that will run discharge piping along either side of the Trail to existing manholes on the north side.
  • Construction will close public sidewalks along Canal Road for approximately 1000’. 
  • Pedestrians should pay close attention to the pedestrian traffic control in the area during the scheduled times above. Construction signage and safety fencing will be in place to alert trail users and facilitate safe passage around the construction zone.
  • During sewer inspection and maintenance procedures, small trucks and a low level noise electrical generator will be used. DC Water will make every effort to minimize noise and other disruption to residents in the project area.
  • Noise and vibrations will be closely monitored throughout the project.
  • DC Water will restore all work sites to their original condition.

Traffic Plans

  • Lane closures may be required and traffic plans will be approved by the District Department of Transportation (DDOT).
  • At various times during construction, “No-Parking” signs may need to be placed in certain areas in and around the job site. Notifications regarding “No-Parking” zones will be posted 72 hours prior to construction, as required by DDOT.

Project Location