DC Water will construct the O Street SE roadway from First Street SE to the western boundary of the DC Water Campus (the “site”). The new O Street SE roadway will be the only way for large heavy trucks to access the DC Water O Street Sewage Pumping Station (see back page for location map). 

Scope of Work 

  • Roadway will consist of two travel lanes and two parking lanes suitable for the heavy truck traffic. 
  • Construction of temporary fire lane from First Street SE. 
  • Contaminated soil remediation. 
  • Installation of storm drain piping, LID/Bioretention facility, catch basins, and manholes, where needed. 
  • Connection of storm sewer on First Street SE. 
  • schedule (dependent on permits) 
  • Construction start: August 2021  
  • Construction completion: June 2022
  • Normal work hours: 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM, Monday through Friday 
  • Contractor may work at night or on weekends, dependent upon certain construction activities or inclement weather. 

Important Information  

  • During this construction project, there will be substantial heavy truck traffic on First Street SE and on nearby streets due to the large amount of hauling that will be required for the remediation of the contaminated soil. 
  • DC Water will minimize disruptions during construction of the O Street SE roadway to the extent possible and will restore all work sites to their original condition following the completion of the work. 



  • Flagging operations may be used daily for each construction phase to maintain traffic in the construction work zone.  All Traffic Control Plans will be approved by the District Department of Transportation (DDOT). 
  •     At various times during construction, “No Parking” signs may be placed in certain areas in and around the work zone.  Notifications regarding “No Parking” zones will be posted 72 hours prior to construction, as required by DDOT.  


  • DC Water will be working closely with DDOT to ensure minimal traffic disruptions during construction. Regular updates will also be provided to the local Advisory Neighborhood Commission, representatives in the Mayor’s Office of Community Relations and Services, Council Staff, and all other relevant area stakeholders.  

Project Area

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