3rd Street and Constitution Avenue NW Pumping Station Upgrade


DC Water is performing sewer rehabilitation projects throughout the city as part of its Capital Improvement Program to improve the District’s sewer systems infrastructure. Through this project, DC Water will upgrade its existing underground sewage pumping station located in the southwest corner of 3rd Street NW and Constitution Avenue NW. This pumping station is a critical portion of infrastructure, as it carries the flow of the Low Area Trunk Sewer over the 3rd Street Tunnel and back into the sewer system. From there, the flow eventually goes to the Main Pumping Station, which is adjacent to the Anacostia River.


  • Installation of one additional pump 
  • Replacement of electrical and ventilation systems, lighting and opening hatches 
  • Construction of an outside entrance to the sewage containment section of the pumping station 
  • Installation of a mechanical equipment lift


  • Design completion: June 2017 
  • Construction start: November 2018 
  • Construction completion: December 2019


  • DC Water will work to ensure minimal disruption during construction operations, and will restore the work site to its original condition following completion of the project.  There will be fencing and other security measures installed around the work site. 
  • An above-ground bypass pumping system will be in place for emergency use only.


Traffic control, including signage and protective barriers, will be set up to maintain public safety during construction.


DC Water will coordinate closely with Advisory Neighborhood Commissions, residents, District and federal agencies, and other stakeholders to minimize disruption during this project and keep all informed on activities.