Ernest  Jolly

Ernest Jolly

Energy Chief

Mr. Jolly works in the Office of the General Manager as Energy Chief. In this role, he is responsible for formulating and implementing energy management strategies for process and equipment improvements. Mr. Jolly serves as a technical energy adviser to the Authority to determine the most effective energy strategies for programs and facilities. This includes supporting the Department of Engineering and Technical Services in evaluating energy efficiency and the economics of designing new and upgraded capital projects.

In addition, Mr. Jolly will develop and manage energy audits for all significant energy users within the Authority and develop and update policies related to energy savings and losses. He serves as liaison on energy and climate issues, and epresents the Authority on various regional committees. He also investigates and pursues federal, state and local utility grants or rebates for energy conservation.

Mr. Jolly joined DC Water in August 2008 as the energy manager in the Department of Engineering and Technical Services and was responsible for the energy supply portfolio and energy usage. He was then the Strategic Planning Chief until January 2015. He has more than 25 years of operational leadership experience in the public utility, nonprofit and military sectors. He is a certified energy manager and a certified energy auditor.