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DC Water Helps Metropolitan Police Department Officers Stay Hydrated
Aug 28, 2012 -- To promote local tap water and keep officers hydrated during the hot summer temperatures, the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority (DC Water) is donating reusable water bottles to the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD). MPD will join a growing number of District residents, employees and visitors choosing to carry reusable water bottles and using the DC TapIt network for free water refills on the go. TapIt is a District-wide network of restaurants and businesses that provide water to people carrying reusable bottles.

MPD officers receiving a reusable water bottle will learn about the DC TapIt network and where to find free water refill locations throughout the District. When MPD Officers are patrolling District neighborhoods, the TapIt network offers convenient options for getting chilled water and staying hydrated.

"DC Water and MPD provide critical services to the District, and supplying reusable water bottles is one way we can partner and promote each other’s work," says DC Water General Manager George S. Hawkins. "We continue to partner with local agencies and businesses to share the value of our local tap water and highlight the benefits of carrying a reusable water bottle."

"We are very pleased with this donation of reusable water bottles," said Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier. "This is good for our officers patrolling our city streets and good for the environment."

Currently, more than 185 District businesses participate in the TapIt network to provide free tap water and save people money on bottled water. TapIt provides a convenient, affordable and sustainable alternative to buying bottled water and helps to reduce waste in our neighborhoods and local rivers.

DC Water collects hundreds of water samples each week to meet strict water quality standards. The cost of District tap water is less than a penny per gallon, while bottled water is about 1,000 times as much.

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