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DC Water Taste Test Challenge Series: Tap Water versus Bottled Water
Aug 21, 2012 -- Can you tell a difference between tap water and bottled water? Test your drinking water preferences and learn how you can save money and the environment by choosing clean, affordable DC tap water.

DC Water is promoting tap water, protecting the environment and saving people money. Hundreds of water samples are tested each week throughout the District to ensure the delivery of high quality tap water. Bottled water involves significant economic and environmental costs. DC tap water is only a penny per gallon and bottled water costs 100 times more.

Join DC Water during a series of blind taste tests that will challenge people’s knowledge about tap water. Taste test challenges are scheduled in each Ward of the District.

DC Water Team Blue

Every Wednesday between August 22 — October 10, 2012
11 a.m. to 1 p.m. (weather permitting)          

Ward 1 — October 10, 2012
Columbia Heights Metro
3030 14th Street, NW

Ward 2 — August 22, 2012
2221 I Street, NW

Ward 3 — August 29, 2012
Whole Foods (Tenley Circle)
4530 40th Street, NW

Ward 4 — September 5, 2012
Petworth Metro
3700 Georgia Avenue, NW     

Ward 5 — September 12, 2012
Home Depot
901 Rhode Island Avenue, NE     

Ward 6 — September 19, 2012
Southwest Waterfront
1100 4th Street, SW     

Ward 7 — September 26, 2012     
Penn-Branch Shopping Center
3220 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE     

Ward 8 — October 3, 2012
Ward 8 Constituent Building
2100 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue, SE

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