DC Water for Kids
Will it Float?

Have you ever seen an insect floating on the surface of a body of water? Did you know that some insects float and some don’t? This is your chance to make an insect that will float when put into a tub of water.

Screen capture
When you are ready click “Make My Bug.” The pop-up window that opens will have a selection of items you can use to create an insect. You need to put together pieces to create an insect that is made up of three body parts – the head, the thorax, and the abdomen – and six legs.

As you put your bug together ask yourself “Will this piece float?” Also, as you add pieces to your insect ask yourself, “Will the pieces that I’ve put together float?” If you want to read more about floating and sinking before making your insect you can click here.

When you finish creating your bug select the “Test My Bug” button to see if you made an insect that floats. If your insect floats you can read about one bug that lives in water. If the insect doesn’t float you can decide if you want to try again or find out what you needed to do to make the insect float.

Are you ready to build your bug? Start