Hydrant Location and Status Information

DC Water makes available the location and status of individual fire hydrants in a couple of ways. Anyone with broadband Internet may access information through a Google Earth® application, locating a specific hydrant by address. This information includes hydrant identification number, current operational status and last inspection date. Additionally, the public can report a problem regarding a specific hydrant with the new web tool. Individuals without DSL or broadband can use computers at a public library. The District of Columbia Public Library offers public access to the Internet at various library branches and can be contacted at (202) 727-0321 for more information.

Or, customers may contact DC Water's 24-Hour Command Center at (202) 612-3400 to determine the status of a particular hydrant, to report a hydrant that may be leaking or damaged, or to report unauthorized use of a hydrant, which could be causing damage.

A more extensive version of the Google Earth® tool is available to DC FEMS personnel to assist in decision making and emergency preparedness. The fire department can quickly identify and locate hydrants that are currently out of service by Battalion and Engine Company, and determine which hydrants to use. This application allows FEMS personnel to see the identification number, description, address, and operational status, compliance to National Fire Protection Association standards, last inspection date, and flow rating. This tool will eventually link the hydrant status information stored in DC Water's Asset Management System to the GIS mapping system.

Click here to download a google earth data file showing the status of all known public hydrants in DC (KMZ 295 kb) .

View status (last updated on September 28, 2016) of public fire hydrants throughout Washington D.C. on DC Water's Hydrant Information System (WHIS) - Note: WHIS may not work on a dial-up connection.

Use of WHIS requires proper installation of the Google Earth software package on your computer. It is available as a free download from Google.

Open the guide how to download and install Google Earth.

Download Guide on how to use DC Water's Hydrant Information System WHIS (PDF 1.8 mb)

Minimum System Requirements
  Windows Macintosh
OS Windows 2000 or later OS X 10.4 or later
Memory 128 MB  
Processor Pentium III or better At least 500 Mhz, G3

If you see a damaged or leaking hydrant, or unauthorized use of a hydrant, please call DC Water's 24-hour Emergency Line at (202) 612-3400.

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