Fire Hydrants

Hydrants with new status rings
New hydrant status rings give visual notice of hydrant status

There are more than over 9,400 public hydrants in the District. DC Water has provided $26.5 million for the replacement/upgrade of up to 3,000 of the critical public fire hydrants on behalf of the District of Columbia government over a five-year period that began in fiscal year 2006. Through fiscal year 2014, DC Water completed over 5,000 public hydrant replacements and upgrades. An additional $28 million has been earmarked by DC Water for the replacement/upgrade of remaining hydrants. Individual property owners are responsible for private hydrants on their property.

Report Misuse of Public Fire Hydrants

Misuse of a public hydrant should be reported to the 24-hour Emergency number 202-612-3400. Misuse includes those tampering with hydrants and illegally hooking up to hydrants.

Permitted Use of a Fire Hydrant

If a company needs a water source for construction, demolition, dust control or similar purposes, DC Water recommends using a Temporary Water Connection, a water truck, or an on-site water storage tank. If the project manager wishes to use a fire hydrant as a temporary water source, s/he must first obtain a Fire Hydrant Use Permit from DC Water. This allows the applicant to operate a specific fire hydrant on a temporary basis. The water use may be metered and a water fee assessed. More information on obtaining a permit for fire hydrant use can be found here.

Independent Report and Ranking

Public Protection Classification Summary Report

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