FAQ - Cares Multifamily Assistance Program FAQs

Program details can be found on DC Water’s website

www.dcwater.com/MAP and on DOEE’s website https://doee.dc.gov click on Utility Affordability Programs or Call DC Water directly at (202) 354-3750 or email Cares@dcwater.com.

Eligibility for assistance is based on your annual gross income and the size of your household.

Owners must apply on DC Water’s website https://mapfy22.dcwater.com/ownerapp.

Tenant application can be completed on DOEE’s website https://octo.quickbase.com/db/brcepxz59?a=nwr&ifv=1.

A water bill is not necessary to complete an application.

The income guideline depends on the household income and household size. Refer to DOEE’s website for income requirements. https://doee.dc.gov/energyassistance

You will be notified via email within 5 business days of submission.

Access DC Water's website and select the option to Check Application or Unit Status to enter your tracking number.

The owner's account will receive the credit within 10 days of application approval. The tenant’s credit should be applied within 60 days of application approval.

If the owner has not applied the rental credit within 60 days of the DC Water notice please contact DC Water. Also contact DC Water if the amount differs from your notification.

  • You keep ten percent of the credit on the water bill.
  • It demonstrates you availed every opportunity to assist tenants struggling due to the pandemic
  • Helps keep good tenants
  • Maintains occupancy and profitability
  • Quickly reduces the owner's water bill with the MAP credit