Community Outreach

DC Water employees talking to local residents.
Attendees at the 2009 Latino outreach event
"For a Better Home, For a Better Community"
received information and materials
on topics ranging from conservation,
to water quality, to fire hydrants.

At DC Water, we care about our community. We often travel throughout our city, meeting those who live or work in Washington, D.C., so we can better understand their concerns and share our latest news on neighborhood water and sewer services.

You can tap into our wide range of community outreach services by requesting an expert speaker from our Speakers Bureau, by attending one of our many community events or joining us in celebrating nationally recognized events like World Water Monitoring Day.

For information on how DC Water helps under-served members of the community and partners with our neighbors to keep Washington, D.C., beautiful, please see DC Water Cares in the "Who We Are" section of this website.

What can you find in this section?

  • Conservation Program
    DC Water brings plumbers and other experts to large community events to demonstrate how to conserve water in your home.
  • Environmental Education
    We have programs to bring instructional material to area schools.
  • DC Water Event Request Form
    Book the DC Water Tent for your outdoor public events
  • Speakers Bureau
    Our experts speak about a wide range of topics. Use our convenient online form to invite them to speak at your meeting or event.
  • Special Events
    DC Water also participates in a variety of annual national events.

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