Senior Management

Senior Management Team

Office of the General Manager
Sudhir Murthy Innovations Chief
Ernest Jolly Energy Chief
John Bosley Chief Procurement Officer
Maureen Holman Sustainability Chief
Office of the Board Secretary Linda R. Manley Secretary to the Board of Directors
Chief Engineer Liliana Maldonado Director, Engineering and Technical Services
Carlton Ray Director, DC Clean Rivers Project
Brian McDermott Director, Permit Operations
Wastewater Treatment Salil Kharkar Director, Operations, Wastewater Treatment
Anthony Mack Director, Maintenance Services
Chris Peot Director, Resource Recovery
Christine DeBarbadillo Director, Clean Water and Technology
Assistant General Manager, Customer Care & Operations Tsedale Berhanu Director, Customer Services
Cuthbert Braveboy Director, Sewer Services
Chuck Sweeney Director, Distiribution and Conveyance Systems
Jason Hughes Director, Utility Services - Water
Chief Financial Officer John Madrid Controller
Gail Alexander-Reeves Director, Budget Department
Robert Hunt Director, Finance
Assistant General Manager, Support Services Rick Green Director, Human Capital Management
Johnnie Walker Director, Facilities
Steve Caldwell Director, Security
Dan Bae Director, Procurement
Ayodele McClenney Director, Occupational Safety & Health
Timothy Fitzgerald Director, Fleet Management
Chief Information Officer Joseph M. Edwards Director, Infrastructure and Operations

Executive Management Team

Who We Are