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DC Water Department of Procurement has implemented Zycus, a new eProcurement solution, to automate and improve its procurement process.  Key benefits of this new eProcurement tool are the following:

  • All solicitations and contracts will be paperless. 
    • Solicitations will be created and published online.
    • Suppliers will submit proposals online, ask questions and receive awards online.
    • Contracts will be awarded and executed online via electronic signature (via DocuSign).
  • Improved outreach:
    • Allows for greater participation with potential vendors and small business for new solicitations.
    • Targets suppliers providing specific goods and service of new opportunities.
  • Improved transparency:
    • Has capability to score supplier proposals automatically, increasing speed and accuracy.
    • Has a built-in audit log and stores proposal, analysis and scores for better transparency and auditing.
  • Share more information about your company with DC Water:
    • In addition to the basic company profiles, you will be able to upload your company brochure, capabilities, references, ect. so DC Water can better get to know your company.

DC Water upgraded our supplier portal to the Zycus Supplier Network (ZSN). Even if your company is register in the current supplier portal, you must register in ZSN.

ZSN will be the single point of doing business with DC Water and only the companies who are registered in ZSN will be able to participate in new solicitations.

Procurement will continue to post all open solicitations in the old portal. New solicitations issued through ZSN we will be posted on both portals (old and new) until all open solicitations have been issued using the new eProcurement software, at that time the old portal will be de-activated.

Registration Process in the New Vendor Portal (ZSN)

Step 1: Click this link to register your company:
Enter New Vendor Portal

Step 2: Activate your account and complete profile:

  • After registering, you will receive an e-mail notification prompting you to activate your account. You must activate your account in order to complete registration. How-to-Guides for registration are available below and in the ZSN.
  • You will be prompted to complete your company profile once you login for the first time.
  • Make sure to select up to 7 categories of goods and services that your company provides and wishes to receive an automatic invitation when a new solicitation is issued for these categories.
    • If you don’t select a category, you will not receive invitations.)
    • Instead of using typical industry classification codes such as SIC, UNSPSC, NAICS and eClass, which are very long, our category contains all goods and services actually purchased by DC Water in the past 5 years.

Registration Guide

Profile Update Guide

If you need help registering for categories, please email us at