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Vendor Portal

The Vendor Portal offers a quick and easy way for vendors to register online and create a profile applicable to the vendor's commodity codes, demographics and contracting areas. It provides online access to solicitations, amendments and contract awards. The portal allows vendors to search for business opportunities, receive e-mail notifications of solicitation postings and request complete using the vendor portal documents.

Benefits of Having Your Own profile

Within the Vendor Portal, a registered vendor can:

  • Make changes and updates to registration information,
  • View upcoming, current, and awarded solicitations,
  • Download details of solicitations,
  • Monitor the status of solicitations,
  • Receive automatic e-mail notifications of solicitation amendments and upcoming solicitations.

Getting Started

 The Vendor Portal link takes you to the Vendor Portal main page where you can register, log in, or retrieve a forgotten password. The page consists of two forms (each in its own separate box), the Search by Tax ID Number form and the Login form.

There are 3 easy steps to create your own DC Water vendor portal registration:

  1. Before registering, confirm that your company is not in our vendor database.
  2. If you are not in our vendor database, register.
  3. Log into the Vendor Portal and create your own profile.

Checking Existing Registration

  1. Go to the Vendor Portal Login page.
  2. If you know your company's Tax ID number, enter it in the appropriate field in the Search by Tax ID Number and it will start searching as soon as you start typing first two numbers of tax payer number.
  3. If your company has registered before, a message will appear saying that "TaxID exists in the database" if not "TaxID does not exists in the database". Using the username and password, you can log into the Vendor Portal and retrieve your information. If you do not know/remember your username/password information, you can click on the "Forgot Password" link, which will allow you to retrieve them.
  4. If your company has not registered in the Vendor Portal but has done business with DC Water, you will be notified and provided a link to continue with your registration.
  5. If your Tax ID is not found in our vendor database, you should click on the "Register" link, found at the top of the form, to proceed with the registration process.


To access the Vendor Portal, view details of upcoming, current, and awarded solicitations from DC Water and create your own profile, you must register your company. Once your company is registered, you may create a profile of solicitations that you would like to monitor.

  1. Click on the "Register" link found on the Vendor Portal Login form to access the Vendor Portal Registration Form.
  2. Fill out the first page of the form which request general information about your company (required fields are marked by a red asterisk *) and click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form. Please note that if you select the check box indicating that you are certified as a Minority Business Enterprise, you must also indicate your Minority Business Certification Number.
  3. Depending on the type of business (Goods and Services, Construction, Architecture and Engineering) that you choose in the first form, the form on the next page will allow you to select which commodity service codes or contracting areas applicable to your company. Your responses will allow you to receive, in certain instances, e-mail notifications for new solicitations that correspond to the chosen commodity service codes or contracting areas. Click the "Submit" button after selecting all the appropriate commodity codes and/or contracting areas
    • If your company provides Goods and Services, you can select the applicable commodity service codes by clicking on it in the listing with your mouse. If you want to select multiple codes, hold down the "Ctrl" key ("Command" key for Macs) while clicking on the codes.
    • If your company provides Architecture and Engineering or Construction services, you may select areas in General Contracting and Sub Categories for General Contracting by selecting the appropriate check boxes.
  4. When you have finished, the next step is to a preview page and verify the information. If any information needs to be changed, there are links that will take you back to the appropriate page ("click to change your registration information" and "click to change your commodity codes or contracting areas").
  5. Click on the "Finish Registration" button to complete the process.
  6. A confirmation page will inform you of a successful registration to the Vendor Portal. This page will also contain a link to the Login screen. Enter your username and password to access the Vendor Portal.
  7. Please click here for Vendor Information Requirements

Logging in and creating your profile

  1. Enter your username and password.
  2. Click the "Enter Vendor Portal" button.
  3. You will then see your profile (it's empty until you add solicitations).
  4. The first time you log in, your profile will be empty.
    • At the top right-hand corner of your profile are helpful links to manage your account:
    • update profile - update the information you entered on the registration form
    • update SIC/category areas - edit the list of products and services yo can provide to DC Water
    • help - user guide for vendors
    • logout - log out of the Vendor Portal
  5. Another set of links, located on the first line of the main section of your profile and which appears after the word "view:", are filters that allow you to see solicitation announcements (that were added to your profile) by type. These filters may be used as your profile becomes larger.
    • all areas - view all solicitations that were added to your profile. This is the default view.
    • goods and services - view only goods and services solicitations that were added to your profile.
    • architecture and engineering - view only architecture and engineering solicitations that were added to your profile.
    • construction - view only construction solicitations that were added to your profile.
  6. The main section of your profile lists the solicitation announcements that were added to your profile. It is divided by the following phases for solicitations:
    • Upcoming Solicitations - pending solicitations that are not yet active. The announcements contain only basic information, which may include the name, a short description and estimated release date of the solicitation.
    • Current Solicitations - solicitations that have been released to the public. Depending on the bid opening date/close date, the solicitation could be "Open" or "Closed - Pending Award".
    • Awarded Solicitations - recently awarded solicitations, identifying basic information about the contract award, such as vendor name, date of award, value of award, etc.
  7. For Requests for Quotations, there are only two phases:
    • Current Requests for Quotations (RFQ) - RFQs that have been released for small procurements. Depending on the bid opening date/close date, the solicitation could be "Open" or "Closed - Pending Award".
    • Awarded Requests for Quotations (RFQ) - recently awarded small procurements, identifying basic information about the award, such as vendor name, date of award, value of award, etc.
  8. In each phase, there's a "View all phase solicitations" link, which allows you to see all the DC Water solicitations by phase.
  9. Click on the "View all phase solicitations" link on either the Upcoming or Current Solicitations phase, depending on the solicitations you choose to add to your profile. Please note that there is also a "View all Awarded Solicitations" link but it only allows you to view all awarded solicitations and remove awarded solicitations from your profile. It will not allow you to add already awarded solicitations into your profile.
  10. When you go into the "View all phase solicitations" page, a set of links (appearing after the word "view") are provided at the top of the page to help you filter the list of solicitation announcements either by type (goods and services, architecture and engineering, or construction) or by your company's self assigned commodity codes. The default view is "all areas", which provides all solicitation announcements in that phase.
  11. If you identify an upcoming or current solicitation that is not in your profile, you can add it by clicking on the "Add" link, located under the "In My profile" column.
  12. You can also click on the upcoming, current, or awarded solicitation to see the details. From the solicitation details page of upcoming or current solicitations you may also choose to add the solicitation to your profile by clicking on the "add to profile" link that is on the top of that page.
  13. Similarly, if the upcoming, current, or awarded solicitation listed is already in your profile, you can remove it clicking on the "Remove" link. If you are viewing details of the solicitation, you can remove it from your profile by clicking on the "remove from profile" link.
  14. To go back to your profile, select the "back to your profile" link found on the upper right of the "View all phasesolicitation" page.

Vendor Information Requirements

In an effort to conserve paper and improve efficiency DC Water is now accepting vendor information in electronic formats. In some cases vendors will be able to fill out the forms, save them, and send as an email attachment. Other forms that require signatures can be signed, scanned, and then sent as an email attachment. This is the preferred method for delivering information to DC Water.

DC Water will also accept the completed forms through fax or mail if electronic submission is not possible.

New vendors are required to submit the following information:

  1. Completed and signed W-9 Form 
  2. Completed Vendor Information Form
  3. Minority Small Business Certification or letter (Optional)
    If you have entered your company as Minority Business Certified, you must provide a copy of the Minority Small Business Certification or letter. 

DC Water appreciates the support of our vendors to transition to electronically gathering vendor information. This effort will ensure that all required information is sent to the Procurement department and will also enable better communication between DC Water and its vendors.

An email can be sent to the following email address with the required documentation attachments:

Information can also be faxed to: 202-787-2042.


Mailed to the following address:
District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority
Procurement Department
5000 Overlook Ave, SW
Washington, DC 20032

Please note:

Any changes to current vendor information would require an email sent to the email address above with the required attached documentation

Questions about this process can also be sent to