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DC Water crews are active around the DC area every day. The listing below details some of the specific locations where you might see them hard at work. Click on the work location to view more information about any of these workzones.

Type of work: Emergency Work
Dates of work (estimated) Work location
7/28/14 5th St between Ridge St & N St NW

Annual Flushing Program - 2014

March through November, DC Water will conduct its annual flushing program to clean the District's water distribution system. During this program, DC Water opens fire hydrants and flushes water mains throughout the city. Each year, the flushing program and a temporary switch in water disinfection are conducted to enhance drinking water quality and minimize the impacts of aging pipes. Routine maintenance is also performed on valves and hydrants. The average age of a water main pipe in the District is 77 years old.

Crews will perform flushing Sunday through Thursday between 10:30 p.m. and 6:30 a.m., when water usage is typically low. DC Water will distribute door hangers to notify customers when crews are flushing area hydrants. The water supply will not be shut off during hydrant flushing and customers may continue normal water usage, including drinking, bathing and laundry (unless water is discolored).

If you experience discolored water during this period, run your cold water taps for 15 minutes. Do not run your hot water and do not do laundry. If discoloration occurs during laundry, do not dry clothes and rewash clothes to avoid staining. If you experience discolored water from your hot water tap for several hours, then it is recommended to drain and flush your water heater. DC Water provides instructions on how to drain a water heater. Water Heater Instructions . If your water does not clear, please contact the Drinking Water Division at 202-612-3440 or 24-Hour Command Center at 202-612-3400.

Below is the tentative flushing schedule for July 13, 2014, 2014 thru July 18, 2014.

Zone North East South West
1-31 N St NW 5th St NW K St NW 9th St NW
A1-15 Valley Ave SE 4th St SE Southern Ave SE 1st  St SW
4-11 Eastern Ave NW Alaska Ave NW Hemlock St NW 14th St NW
A2-2 Ainger Pl SE Alabama Ave SE Alabama Ave SE Stanton Rd SE
L-5 K St NW 6th St NW Const. Ave NW 10th  St NW
3-26 Tennyson St NW Oregon Ave NW Northampton NW 32nd St NW

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